About Legros Law Firm, PLLC

The Legros Law Firm, PLLC is viewed as a personal legal sanctuary for the modern consumer. A personal approach is used for each case. All clients are guided through the legal process in an easy and interactive manner through a road map created in order to determine the best outcome for each issue.

Because we practice both Transactional and Litigation- based law, it is a core goal at the Legros Law Firm that an atmosphere of ease and general understanding is created between the attorney and the client.

We view our practice and experience with each client as a collaborative effort, as client input is integral to the overall success of each and every case.

All clients of the Legros Law Firm receive personal attention and are encouraged to visit the firm in order to be kept abreast of the progress of their case.

A unique aspect of the firm is to foster life-long relationships with our clients who often utilize the various areas of our practice throughout defining moments in their lives, such as:

Visa Waiver Program
Obtaining a Green Card for a family member or assisting in that complex immigration matter;
Becoming a United States Citizen;
Purchasing Real Estate for the First-Time Homebuyer as well as for the Foreign investor;
Signing that recording contract or production agreement; and
Finding peace-of-mind by executing a Last Will & Testament.

Through many aspects of your life, we are here to serve your legal needs!